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Magazine and Banners

For this series I wanted to create something that was attractive and that resonates with a vacation getaway. I used a combination of photoshop and illustrator to create the layout and apply texture of the ocean waves within the banner ad. I adjusted the image in the magazine ad to correspond to the color scheme from the design brief. 

For the Pop Culture magazine covers I used adobe InDesign and Photoshop. For the wedding cover I bolded the text and layered it to give more thickness to the title. I formatted the text around the face. I used a muted color to add to the softness of the image. Due to Licensing agreement, I was not able to alter the image or remove the logo. 

The Other Pop culture covers are the same image just altered differently. For the Bedeviled cover, I focused on a halloween themed cover using black and white for contrasting colors, yellow to make some text pop out and a neon red glow for the title. For the Newland digest cover, I brought in colors from the background and used them in the text. This allows for continuity and repetition throughout. 

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